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Take Our Parental Health Quiz

By: Sarah Edwards - Updated: 3 Dec 2015 | comments*Discuss
Take Our Parental Health Quiz

Looking after your health is an important part of being a parent. We spend so much of our time worrying about our children and concentrating on their health and well being that this often leaves little time for our own needs.

Health and Wellbeing is Vital to Good Parenting

However, if we fail to stop the signs that we are not entirely fit and well it can lead to us getting run down and unable to fight off even the smallest cold or infection that our children bring home from school or nursery. Trying to cope with work, home and children when you feel below par is not easy. Take our quick quiz to see how healthy you are!

1. You always insist that your children eat five portions a day of fresh fruit and vegetables. Do you:
a) Make sure you have some of the smoothie you make them for breakfast to make sure you get yours or
b) grab a piece of toast on the way out of the door?

2. You make sure that your family has a balanced and varied diet, and try to cook from scratch as often as possible. On the nights when you have to put a pizza in the oven do you:
a) have a salad or sandwich instead-you don’t like pizza or
b) not bother to eat and grab a packet of crisps later when the kids are in bed?

3. Your children have the choice of a packed lunch or school dinner. On the days that they have a packed lunch you make sure that they have a balanced meal to take with them to school. Do you:
a) Make one for yourself at the same time or
b) skip lunch so that you can leave work early for the school run?

4. You like your children to get as much exercise as possible and encourage them to walk the dog, play football in the park and ride their bikes. Do you:
a) join in and go with them because exercise makes you feel good and works up an appetite or
b) stay at home and do the laundry?

5. You encourage your children to brush their teeth twice a day, avoid sugary foods and go to the dentist regularly. Do you:
a) make sure you do the same or
b) just worry about the children-appointments for adults are too expensive?


If you have answered mostly A’s the chances are that you are pretty sussed about your general health and wellbeing and probably also manage to make time for yourself. You understand the importance of taking care of yourself as well as the rest of your family and make sure that you eat well, get plenty of exercise and look after yourself.

If you have answered mostly Bs then it’s time to take stock and start taking care of yourself. You seem to think that everyone else’s needs are more important than yours and that’s just going to end in disaster. Remember that you are important to and your health and wellbeing, both physical and mental is paramount to keeping your family fit and healthy as well. Take some time out for yourself and look after your own needs too-remember you ARE worth it!

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